Lyon County Platform 2016

We support:

  • an end to the Democrat party practice of super delegates in the primary process.
  • the adoption of the firehouse caucus for the Nevada caucus process.
  • statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico
  • overturning of Citizens United and the removal of big money from the political system.
  • protecting and expanding Social Security and Medicare.
  • free college education and affordable university education in Nevada.
  • ending NV Energy’s monopoly on solar energy policy.
  • providing subsidies for companies manufacture and installation of solar panels.
  • tax credits for energy consumers who are buying solar panels.
  • a public education to be provided regardless of zip code in Nevada.
  • the legalization, taxation and decriminalization of marijuana in Nevada.
  • citizenship for non-citizen members of the U. S. Armed Forces.
  • the acceptance of refugees fleeing crisis throughout the world into the U.S.
  • all public works, constructions and billing collection to be done within Nevada.