Our 2020 Platform

Healthcare: We support the principle that quality, affordable, and accessible health care is a basic human right which must be implemented through:

  • Accessible and affordable health care for everyone, regardless of economic status.
  • Universal health care must include medical and mental health care, vision services, dental services, and pharmaceutical supplies and medications.
  • As an interim measure, we call for the expansion of Medicaid and ACA coverage, and the establishment of quality full-service clinics in the underserved rural areas of Nevada.

Climate and Environment: Human-induced climate change presents an existential threat to all life on earth.  We support immediate and urgent action to:

  • Rapidly phase-out of the use of fossil fuels.
  • Immediately initiate a national program of development of clean energy sources.
  • Create a new sustainable economy based on clean energy and environmental protection.
  • Provide global leadership in the implementation of clean sustainable industrial development.

Education: A well-educated community is essential for democracy and the economic wellbeing of Lyon County.

  • All public schools must be fully funded.
  • In order to recruit and retain quality employees, all faculty/staff shall be adequately compensated.
  • Both academic and career technical education must be developed and strengthened in all our schools.

Fair Elections and Corruption Free Government: We support a corruption-free government through:

  • Full and free access to for all citizens to vote, including voting by mail, same-day voter registration, an end to voter intimidation and vote suppression tactics.
  • Public funding of elections and repeal of Citizens United.
  • Direct election of the President through elimination of the electoral college.
  • Establishment of non-partisan redistricting boards to establish legislative districts, based upon maximization of representation of all citizens on a one person one vote basis through compactness, contiguity, and preservation of communities of interest. Protection of incumbents and domination by one party should be prohibited.
  • Election of local officials on a non-partisan basis.
  • Election of county commissioners on a district basis instead of at-large.

Human Rights: Protection of human rights is essential to a functional democracy.  We support:

  • Aggressive enforcement of all laws against discrimination for race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identification.
  • Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Legalization of the immigration status of young people who are in the DACA program.
  • Reformation of immigration laws to legalize the status of undocumented immigrants with a path to citizenship.
  • Mandating prompt processing of immigration applications, improved border security, retention family unification as a primary immigration policy, and end to unnecessary immigration detention and family separation practices.

Economic Security: We support a successful and sustainable economy by:

  • Fully funding Social Security through taxing all forms of individual income, not just wages.
  • Adjustment of benefits with inflation protection based upon an age adjusted CPI.
  • Enactment a living wage for all workers including paid vacation, paid family leave, and medical leave.
  • Protecting the right of all workers to form unions and collectively bargain with employers. State laws inhibiting the right of workers to organize and collectively bargain shall be repealed.
  • All workers are entitled to a safe and healthful workplace and full and adequate compensation for workplace injuries.

Firearms: While recognizing and supporting Second Amendment rights, gun tragedies must be stopped through sensible restrictions on the ownership and possession of firearms.  We support:

  • Immediate and full enforcement of the Nevada Background Check Act.
  • A ban on the sale of high capacity magazines and magazine fed automatic or semi-automatic rifles.

Veterans: Veterans of our armed services have earned and are entitled to adequate support services.  We support:

  • Full funding of the Veterans Administration such that it may fulfil its mission statement.
  • Providing to our veterans medical and psychological care, education and training support, and small business and employment services

Taxes: Our tax system shall reflect fiscal responsibility and fair taxation, such that all Americans are taxed based upon their ability to pay.  We support:

  • Local and state government that is fiscally responsible and has sufficient tax revenues to support essential services including our schools, public health and safety services, transportation infrastructure, parks and recreation, public libraries, public land-use planning and building code enforcement, and other essential local services.
  • National tax policies that are fiscally responsible and based upon the principle that everyone shall pay in accordance with one’s ability and means. These principles shall include:
    • A progressive tax structure that requires the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.
    • All income, no matter what the source, should be taxed upon the same basis, thus eliminating unfair bias in favor of those who have unearned income.
    • Corporations should pay their fair share of taxes, no matter where they are domiciled or receive their income.
    • The 2018 tax cut for the superrich should be repealed and replaced with a simplified tax system that eliminates loopholes for the wealthy and ensures that all individuals pay their fair share of taxes based upon the ability to pay

Lyon County Development and Growth:

  • Growth in Lyon County should be responsible and sustainable with due respect for our natural resources and environment, through the following policies:
  • Development, commercial and residential subdivisions, and infrastructure should be planned in a manner that protects our environment, natural resources, and historical heritage while promoting our quality of life, economic growth and community standards.
  • Mining, an essential component of the economic wellbeing of those who live in Lyon county, must be done using responsible practices that ensure environmental protection and adequate reclamation, protection of nearby communities and property owners. Mine operators must pay their fair share of taxes as provided under the Nevada State Constitution.
  • Wild horses are an integral part of our heritage and culture. A publicly developed comprehensive plan should be formulated to protect wild horses from overbreeding and inhumane treatment, while also protecting the rangeland upon which they depend and the safety of motorists using public roads and highways.