Our 2018 Platform


Lyon County Democrats support the principle that adequate and accessible medical care is a basic human right in a civilized society.  We support a high quality universal not for profit healthcare system.  In the interim, we call for expansion of Medicaid coverage and the establishment of quality health clinics and mental health services for rural Nevada.


Lyon County Democrats support:

  • A ban on the sale of magazine fed semi-automatic rifles and the sale of high capacity magazines.
  • Responsible gun ownership that includes adequate background checks for all transfers of ownership of firearms and restriction of gun purchases to those over 21 years of age. Firearms safety training is recommended for all new gun purchasers.

Human Rights:

Lyon County Democrats support:

  • Strict enforcement of laws against discrimination based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender and sexual orientation, physical condition, and the national approval of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Reform of our immigration laws including a policy to legalize undocumented immigrants with a path to citizenship, improved border security, support of family unity, faster processing of immigration applications, with continuation of DACA and a permanent solution that includes a path to citizenship.

 Development in Lyon County:

Lyon County Democrats support responsible growth policies that ensure protection of our environment, natural resources, and historical heritage; adequate infrastructure; economic growth, quality of life; and community standards with recognition of past general development plans.


Lyon County Democrats support responsible mining practices that ensure adequate environmental protection and reclamation, protection of the quality of life for adjoining property owners and communities, and that mining companies pay their fair share of taxes as provided by the Nevada State Constitution.

Wild Horses:

Lyon County Democrats support a publicly developed comprehensive plan to protect our wild horse population as well as protecting motorists using our public roads and highways.


Lyon County Democrats, in recognition that a well-educated community is essential for sustainable economic growth, support full funding of all Lyon County Public schools, adequate compensation for all faculty in order to attract and retain qualified teachers for our schools, and strengthen and expand the industrial arts and technology programs in our high schools.

Local Government:

Lyon County Democrats, in order to ensure the full participation of all Lyon County voters, support:

  • Election of county officials on a non-partisan basis.
  • An end to the election of county commissioners on an at-large basis and implementation of election by district.

Fair Elections and Corruption Free Government:

Lyon County Democrats support clean government through:

  • Repeal of Citizens United,
  • Public financing of elections,
  • End gerrymandering and establish non-partisan redistricting boards to establish legislative districts based on compactness, contiguity, preservation of political subdivisions and communities of interest, and the prohibition of protection of incumbents and the use of partisan political data, and,
  • Same day voter registration and an end to voter suppression tactics.

Veterans Affairs:

Lyon county Democrats support the full funding of the Veterans Administration such that it may fulfill its mission statement and provide all necessary services to our veterans including, medical and psychological services, education and training benefits, and small business and employment services.


Lyon County Democrats support:

  • Local government that is fiscally responsible and has sufficient tax collections to support essential local services such as schools, public safety, land use and building code enforcement, local roads, parks and recreation, libraries, courts, and other essential county services.
  • National government that is fiscally responsible with tax rates based upon the principle that
    • Those most able to pay should pay more than those least able to pay,
    • Investment income should be taxed at the same rate as earned income and wages,
    • Corporations should pay their fair share of taxes, and,
    • The 2018 tax cut for the wealthy should be repealed and replaced with a new tax code simplifying the tax system and eliminating loopholes for the wealthy in accordance with the above-stated principles.