The 2020 November Election

Biden/Harris 2020!

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Congressional District 2 – Patricia Ackerman

Patricia Ackerman is the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who arrived in this country fleeing the destruction of World War II. Patricia’s mother was forced slave labor for Nazi Germany, while her father almost starved to death in a concentration camp. At the age of 15, Patricia left a home plagued by domestic violence. With a GED in hand, Patricia started her own successful small business as an interior landscape designer at the age of 21. Patricia would go on to become an award-winning stage actress, a member of the Long Beach Mounted Police, an FBI independent contractor, and an accomplished high-altitude mountaineer. Patricia’s greatest driving force in her run for public office is her mother. From 2007-2013, Patricia acted as her mother’s primary caregiver. Toward the end of her mother’s life, Patricia could not find a local doctor who would take Medicare in a timely fashion. Having to wait weeks, her mother passed away the day before her appointment. Patricia Ackerman wants to lead the charge in producing a healthcare system that is affordable and accessible to Northern Nevada.

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Twitter at @PAckermanNV
phone: 775-721-1910


Congressional District 4 – Steven Horsford

Nevada Senate District 17 – no Democrat running

Nevada Assembly District 38 – no Democrat running

Nevada Assembly District 39 – Debbie Chang

My name is Deborah Chang and I’m running for Assembly because I want to try to bridge the rural-urban divide that’s so polarizing our state and the nation as a whole. Now this may sound a little strange coming from a Democrat who’s spent most of her life in coastal cities or suburbs. But I chose to live here for the scenic views, the open spaces, the affordable cost of living and the quieter, more community-based way of life available here.

Our Politics have spent too much time looking at whether policies are to the right or left, when they should be focusing on if they help the top, middle, or bottom of our citizens. Rural people want the government to help families and small businesses, not just make a few people at the top richer. Climate change, education, health care, immigration, technology, jobs, and naturally food and agricultural policies are all important concerns for rural voters. Rural voters want our children to have a decent shot at living life equal to if not better than ours. That’s what my campaign is about!

I’m running on the responsible community values of hard work, caring for our environment and each other, and most importantly fairness. After spending three decades working in different sectors and industries, I now want to use my skills to passionately and respectfully speak to the needs of rural communities within the urban-dominated Nevada Legislature. In the rurals we all support these values and plans, I look forward to your support me for Assembly District 39.

Thank you, Deborah Chang for Assembly District 39

Chang for NV Assembly 39
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Wellington (Topaz Ranch Estates), NV 89444
phone: 650-892-7475

Nevada Supreme Court – Seat D – Ozzie Fumo

Nevada Appeals Court – Bonnie Bulla

Lyon County Commissioner District 1- Leandra Carr

We all know Northern Nevada is growing and while we cannot avoid growth, I believe there is a smarter, more balanced way to do it than we have in the past. We need leadership that is creating policy for the long term, not just reactionary. We need to be planning 20 years out instead of just what to expect in the next two years. As long as I have been around Lyon County, there has been talk of protecting our rural lifestyle. That is very important to me.

I have been endorsed by both the Sierra Nevada Realtors (SNR) and Lyon County Education Association (LCEA), who feel I am the best candidate for this position. I look forward to working with SNR to promote and protect private property rights and advocate for balanced growth – residential and commercial are both important. SNR also mentioned the importance of having someone on the board who still has children in the school district. LCEA is important to me because we need to support the local schools and make sure everyone has access. I look forward to working with the schools and families who have school-age children to make sure there are local activities available to our youth.

Finally, it seems to me that the current board is not representative of all of the people in the county. I’d like to provide a more moderate voice on this board.

Feel free to reach out anytime.

Leandra Carr