The purpose of the Lyon County Democratic Central Committee (LCDCC) shall be to promote the philosophy of the Democratic Party and of the platforms adopted by the county, state, and national conventions; seek and encourage Democratic candidates at the local level; support elected Democratic officials; and provide the opportunity for all registered Democrats to be involved in the political affairs of the Democratic Party.
The LCDCC shall be primarily responsible for holding County Democratic Precinct Meeting(s) and a County Convention in even numbered years. The Committee shall seek to include all registered Democrats within the County in such meetings.
The Central Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that Precinct Meetings and the County Convention are conducted according to the provisions of Chapter 293 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.



Chair: Judy Zabolocky
1st Vice Chair: Leslie sexton
2nd Vice Chair:  Rachelle Bassen
Secretary: Fred Kearney
Treasurer: Lynne Ballatore